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Australian Defence Force housing exempt from FBT reporting.

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The Hon. John Moore, MP

Minister for Defence


The Hon. Bruce Scott, MP

Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence


Thursday, 19 August 1999


Australian Defence Force Housing Exempt from FBT Reporting



The Minister for Defence, John Moore, and the Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence, Bruce Scott, today announced that housing assistance provided to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in Australia will be totally exempted from FBT reporting requirements.


“This decision by the Federal Government recognises the unique circumstances of ADF service in Australia,” Mr Moore said.


“Military personnel are subject to frequent and compulsory relocations in accordance with Defence operational needs.


“The Government’s decision reflects the fact that Defence provides housing assistance to personnel, not as part of their remuneration package, but to allow us to send ADF personnel wherever they are required to serve,” said Mr Moore.


Today’s announcement is the result of a review announced by Minister Scott in Parliament last week.


“The decision to exempt housing assistance provided to ADF personnel in Australia applies to ADF personnel who are subject to the Defence Force Discipline Act (1982) and who must serve wherever the Government demands,” Mr Scott said.


“As a result of today’s announcement, the amounts paid by Defence for housing assistance for ADF personnel will not be reported on individuals’ Group Certificates.”


Housing assistance is the major component of the amount that would have appeared on individual ADF members’ Group Certificates under the original FBT reporting measures.


“By totally exempting ADF members’ housing assistance from the reporting measure, the Federal Government has addressed the primary concerns of ADF families,” Mr Scott said.


“The Federal Government has addressed the concerns of Defence families about major losses to take-home pay due to loss of Government benefits and increased payments such as child support.”


“The Defence Minister and I are delighted to announce this very positive outcome for Defence families and personnel. The decision shows that the Federal Government has listened to their concerns and acknowledged their special circumstances.”


More information:

Michael Priebe, Minister Scott’s office:

02 6277 7820 and 0418 482 514

Chris Wordsworth, Minister Moore’s office: 02 6277 7800



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