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Melbourne: transcript of doorstop interview: ACTU executive meeting.

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Simon Crean - Doorstop - ACTU Executive Meeting Wednesday, 28 November 2001

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Simon Crean - Doorstop Interview Subject: ACTU Executive Meeting

Transcript - Melbourne - 27 November 2001


JOURNALIST: Mr Crean what kind of reception do you think that you will get upstairs?

CREAN: I think I will get a very good reception, I know them well.

JOURNALIST: What do you think of Mr Combet's comments earlier that Labor didn't sell their policies to traditional voters?

CREAN: What we have got to do, both of us have got to broaden our appeal, that's the message I am going to leave with them today. I'm going to tell them as how, how, as Leader of the Party I intend to win the next election. I'm looking for a constructive relationship with the trade union movement, I have always been able to develop one in the past, I am sure I can do it in the future and I am looking forward to working with them.

JOURNALIST: Are you expecting a fiery sort of meeting?

CREAN: No, I'm expecting a constructive meeting, I'm expecting a meeting that looks to laying the basis for Labor winning the next election and I think that the partnership between the industrial and political wings will form an important part of that victory.

JOURNALIST: How do you respond to John Howard's claims that people don't know what you stand for?

CREAN: Well we know that John Howard doesn't stand for anything except driving a fear campaign. John Howard has had to establish a committee of his Cabinet to give him an agenda for the next three years. Labor developed an agenda, if it had've won. We didn't win, we have got to refine that agenda, we have got to make it more appealing. That's what we will be doing over the course of the next three years. That's why I have been out campaigning already and I will continue to campaign for the duration of that three years.

JOURNALIST: Is it time for a change in the role in ALP politics in the Parliamentary Party now?

CREAN: I think that Labor has got to appeal to a wider group of interests. To the extent to which we appeal to wider groups and interests that is going to have an influence on trade union participation. It's inevitable that that's the case, that's a logical conclusion and I don't think anyone should read anymore into it than that. We want a constructive relationship with the unions, we want them with small business, we want it with community groups, we want it with all of the interest groups in the community. Today is a start in developing that relationship, we will be sitting down with other groups and developing policies accordingly. Now if I can go up and meet with them I look forward to speaking to you at the end.


Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.