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Fuel for Beazley's 'folk' cheaper under Coalition.

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Minister for Transport & Regional Development




Kim Beazley came out on the Laws show and promised more band-aid measures for the people of regional Australia and along the way tried pressin g his fear button on fuel prices.


“The “folk” in the bush don’t just use diesel” - Mr Beazley was heard to mention to John Laws - “they also use petrol.”


“The problem for Mr. Beazley was he had no point to make — nothing to offer. Labor has nowhere to go on fuel prices — their tank is dry” the Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development, Mark Vaile said today.


“The Coalition is delivering tax cuts for everyone — and lowering fuel prices.


“Not only is the Coalition slashing diesel fuel in heavy transport from 43 to 18 cents a litre - while not only maintaining but broadening the exemptions on excise — we are also slashing the cost of petrol for business by 7 cents a litre!


“And, for everyday motorists the cost of petrol need not rise because we are cutting the excise on petrol to match the impact of the GST.


“What’s more — the Coalition will continue to promote competition to further reduce petrol prices in the bush.


“What do Mr. Beazley and Gareth Evans offer? Nothing. Zip! Just more of the same - high fuel excise (a tax Labor kept increasing to ridiculously high levels), high levels of wholesale sales tax, and high rates of personal income tax.


“This is the same Labor Party which increased excise (tax) on fuel from 7 cents a litre to 36 cents a litre between 1983 and 1996.


“Mr. Beazley and Gareth Evans even want to jack up the tax on four wheel drives because they mistakenly believe they’re only used by the rich!


“Mr. Beazley told Mr. Laws he’d have the money to do more for “folk” in the bush. He and Gareth cannot be believed because they have no new broad based revenue source and would have to squib on their promise of tax cuts and jack up wholesale sales taxes just as they did when they broke their promise last time!


“Gareth Evans and Kim Beazley continue to band-aid rhetoric. If these piece meal measures were capable of working - why didn’t they during the recent 13 long years of Labor in power?


“The only thing that will give people in the bush jobs is the incentive for employers in regional Australia to take on more staff.


“Pressed by John Laws on whether Labor has anything to offer such as the Coalition’s 6.7 percent reduction in road transport costs - which will flow on directly to consumers - and Labor had nothing to offer.


“I will be riding in the Coalition “Tax Cuts Truck” in regional NSW tomorrow to help highlight Labor’s appalling patchwork of economic embroidery”, Mr. Vaile said.


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