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New Customs dog sniffs out Ectasy haul in WA.

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Minister for Justice & Customs

Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone

Senator for South Australia

5 February 1999


New Customs dog sniffs out Ecstasy haul in WA


An estimated 23,000 Ecstasy tablets have been seized by Customs officers in Perth tha nks to the super nose of a new Customs recruit, the Minister for Justice & Customs, Senator Amanda Vanstone, announced today.


The drugs were discovered when Customs detector dog “Viper” alerted to a passenger who arrived in Perth last night on a British Airways flight from Amsterdam via London and Singapore. “Viper" is a recently-trained passive alert dog and has only been working at Perth airport for the past month.


Further investigations by Customs officials led to the discovery of the tablets, weighing about 6.1kg, allegedly in body packs being carried by two passengers off the flight.


Australian Federal Police agents then arrested two Singaporean men aged 23 and 20 and they were due to appear in Central Law Courts, Perth, this morning charged with importation and possession of a commercial quantity of Ecstasy.


Senator Vanstone congratulated Customs officers in WA for their efforts in seizing the Ecstasy.


“Last night’s seizure comes in the same week as a 2.4kg seizure of cocaine by Customs and Australian Federal Police from two passengers in WA,” Senator Vanstone said.


“These two important seizures within a week are evidence that the experience of highly-trained Customs and AFP officers, when combined with advanced detection technology and the ever-reliable Customs detector dogs, are achieving substantial results in detecting illicit drugs coming into Australia.


“The Government has demonstrated its commitment to fighting the import of illicit drugs through additional funding for its Tough On Drugs strategy.”


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