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Government poised to send child to detention in Nauru.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales

Government poised to send child to detention in Nauru

Senator Nettle, 25th May 2006

Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Kerry Nettle has warned that any move to send the Afghani family who has arrived on Thursday Island seeking asylum to Nauru would represent the reintroduction of the policy of locking up children and be a betrayal of the deal done with Coalition backbenchers last year to end this cruel practice.

"The Immigration Department's stated intention to send this family of asylum seekers to Nauru will put a 9 year old boy in detention and be a clear breach of Australia's obligations under the UN Refugee Convention," Senator Nettle said.

"Australia can and should process their claims on the mainland whilst allowing then to live in the community in the meantime.

"Afghanistan continues to be a very dangerous place where earlier this week at least 16 civilians were killed in Coalition bombing raids and an Australian soldier was injured this week.

"To send this family to Nauru will bring further shame on Australia, cost the taxpayer millions of dollars and only succeed in bringing more pain to this desperate family.

"The Minister must explain why it is in Australia's interest to pursue this bizarre and cruel policy."

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