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Hands out of Queenslanders' pockets, Mr Beattie.

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Monday October 10, 2005


Peter Beattie wants to raid the pockets of Queensland residents to pay for the health system that his government has ruined.

Last year, the Beattie Government received over $7.3 billion in revenue from the GST.

Queensland is around $760 million better off in 2004-05 than it would have been in the absence of tax reform.

The solution to improving Queensland's ailing health system lies in Peter Beattie's own hands.

Peter Beattie said on radio today:

"… I think there are three ways we'll have to fund health. One is by cutting our own cloth accordingly. We'll have to tighten our own belt. Secondly, we'll use the surplus. And thirdly, I think we will have to raise some form of revenue…”

Before Mr Beattie even thinks about raising additional revenue he should take his own advice and tighten his belt, or use his own budget surplus to fix the problem he created.

With the GST windfall Mr Beattie has absolutely no excuse to raise taxes.

This isn't a question of money. It's a question of Mr Beattie and his government being willing and able to run the health system responsibly after years of mismanagement.

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