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Howard plays catch up by co-opting NH&MRC announcement.

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Jenny Macklin - Howard Plays Catch Up By Co-Opting NH&MRC Announcement Friday, 02 November 2001

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Howard Plays Catch Up By Co-Opting NH&MRC Announcement Jenny Macklin - Shadow Minister for Health

Media Statement - 31 October 2001

The fine print has once again revealed the truth about John Howard.

Shadow Health Minister, Jenny Macklin said the "announcement" by John Howard this morning of NH&MRC grants for 2002 contains no new money.

"During an election campaign, this normal annual announcement should have been made by the NH&MRC themselves - not co-opted by the Prime Minister to appear as if it was a Liberal Party policy announcement," Ms Macklin said.

"The fine print reveals that the announcement actually amounts to a cut on the $379 million appropriated in the 2001/2 Budget papers for medical research. (see page 232 of the portfolio Budget paper for the Department of Health and Aged Care).

"As with so much else, John Howard obviously feels he has done enough for health.

"Since making the original commitment to double funding for medical research, the Howard Government has struggled to deliver.

"Labor has committed itself to delivering the projected increase in medical research funding in full and on time.

"Only Labor has committed actual new money for medical research in this campaign. This includes:

$41 million over four years for establishing Comprehensive Cancer Centres; ● $13 million to fund independent clinical cancer trials in Australia; and ● $179 million to fund an R&D tax concession to boost private investment in public research institutions. ●

As Kim Beazley's policy speech today made clear, Labor has a plan for the Knowledge Nation. John

Howard only has a plan for his retirement.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.