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Kemp greenwash on greenhouse failure continues.

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KELVIN THOMSONMedia Release from the Shadow Minister for Environment & Heritage KEMP GREENWASH ON GREENHOUSE FAILURE CONTINUES

Dr. Kemp’s inaugural Government-Business Climate Change Dialogue in Canberra today offers no new initiatives and has failed to address the Government’s poor record on tackling climate change.

The dialogue follows Dr. Kemp’s unconvincing attempt in Parliament yesterday to defend the Government’s appalling record on greenhouse.

Dr. Kemp’s claim of 60 million tonnes (actually 59) of abatement has been revised downwards from an estimated 96 million tonnes in the second assessment report for government programs - a 37 million tonne shortfall.

The government’s flagship program - Greenhouse Challenge - was estimated to achieve emission reductions in the order of 21.5 million tonnes, yet last weeks revised figures show only 6.7-10.3 million tonnes.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions from energy increased from 363.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in 1999 to 371.8 million tonnes in 2000, an increase of over 2% in one year.

This acceleration in emission production, coupled with the failure of the Greenhouse Challenge Program, is a clear indication that the Government’s measures are an abysmal failure.

Dr. Kemp is hiding behind misleading greenhouse figures that have included landclearing data for the first time, and have the effect of masking the effects of increases in emissions form the energy and transport sectors.

Dr. Kemp’s greenhouse gabfest will not fool Australia. The Howard Government has failed to rein in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and today takes us no closer to a sustainable path.

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Thursday, 22 August 2002