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Senate passes labelling laws and create certainty.

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Media Release


Judith Troeth

Parliamentary Secretary to

the Minister for Primary

Industries and Energy



8 July 1998




Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industry and Energy, Se nator Judith Troeth is pleased to report the Senate has passed the Coalition Government’s amendments to the country of origin labelling bill.


“Industries like the Australian citrus industry have in the past expressed concern about labelling laws. The Coalition Government has moved to allay these concerns and create certainty for producers and consumers.


“With these changes producers will be able to enhance the marketing capacity of their product and consumers will be able to clearly identify whether the goods they are purchasing are produced and/or manufactured in Australia,” Senator Troeth said.


“Under the new law, for products to be labelled “Made in Australia” they must be substantially transformed in Australia and the majority of the cost incurred in Australia.


“For products to be labelled “Produce of Australia” or the premium label, the product must be 100 per cent Australian or as near to it as possible.


“The Coalition Government will assist in the promotion of labels in conjunction with an educational and marketing campaign which will identify products as being above the 50 per cent Australian content threshold.


The Australian New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) has also been asked to examine the need for additional regulations for the food industry in the future.


“The passing of the Trade Practices Amendment (Country of Origin) Representations Bill 1998 by the Senate will create certainty for producers and consumers about product labelling.


The Bill will return to the House of Representatives next week for final consideration.


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