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Defence invests in future technology today.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. Dr. Brendan Nelson, MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence


08 Oct 2001 PARLSEC 417/01

Defence invests in future technology today Dr Brendan Nelson MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence today accepted, on behalf of Defence, a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility mounted in a briefcase at Garden Island Naval Base in Sydney.

Dr Nelson said, ‘Acceptance of this technology by Defence is proof of the Howard Government’s commitment to the White Paper which directed Defence to adopt new technologies as they mature.’

‘The revolution in military affairs sees military forces worldwide striving to achieve the knowledge edge over their adversaries. Secure communications are an important element of that knowledge edge and will play a key role in defeating terrorism,’ said Dr Nelson.

As used by the US Military, and produced by C-CUBED, the ViewCASE™ is essentially a video conferencing facility that fits neatly into a briefcase and allows secure communications from anywhere in the world.

Andrew Berriman from NVS, the Australian distributor, said ‘there has been unprecedented demand for video conferencing services since the terrorist attacks in the US last month’.

‘The ViewCASE™ deal follows a $2.25 million contract signed in May this year, when NVS was chosen as contractor for video conferencing services to the Defence secure videoconferencing environment,’ said Mr Berriman.

Dr Nelson said, ‘life often imitates art, and if James Bond movies can be considered art, then 007 would not feel out of place in the Australian Defence Force of today.’

‘The government is getting on with the job of securing Australia and the acceptance of this equipment today adds to the already considerable array of high tech communications facilities on board ships and in Army units such as the SAS and other counter terrorist forces,’ said Dr Nelson



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