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Government again dodges the question of Konrad Kalejs.

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Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Attorney Generals

Press Release Dated: 16 Oct 2000

Press Release Number: 00/631

Portfolio: Attorney Generals 

Government again dodges the question of Konrad Kalejs The Government is not doing everything it can to ensure alleged war criminal Konrad Kalejs, and others like him, are brought to justice, contrary to the claims of Justice Minister Amanda Vanstone in question time yesterday.

Democrats’ Law and Justice spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says Senator Vanstone failed to even confirm whether or not Kalejs was still in the country. She also seems to have forgotten that the Democrats had called on the Senate to confiscate Kalejs’ passport should he try to leave the country - a move which failed because the government and the ALP voted the motion down.

“The Government has only paid lip service to the pursuit and conviction of war criminals living in Australia,” Senator Greig said.

“Konrad Kalejs is one of many likely suspects known to be living a free and comfortable life in Australia, safe in the knowledge that the Australian government is doing precious little to address the issues or to bring them to justice.”

If it can be established that Konrad Kalejs is still in Australia, the Democrats pledge to bring their motion to the Senate again, calling for Kalejs’ passport to be confiscated, should he attempt to leave the country prior to possible extradition to face trial in Latvia.

“If Senator Vanstone is serious in claiming that the government wants to tackle the problems of war criminals, then she should have no hesitation in supporting our motion,” Senator Greig said.


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