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New CRC [Cooperative Research Centre] for Greenhouse accounting launched.

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Media Release

Senator Nick Minchin

Minister for Industry, Science and Resources



8 December 1999



The Minister for Industry, Science and Resources, Senator Nick Minchin, today officially opened the Coop erative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting.

The new centre, based at the Australian National University, will help develop new ways of achieving Australia's objectives for greenhouse gas reduction.

The Federal Government's CRC program will contribute $15.4 million over seven years, while partners in the venture will provide an additional $55 million cash and in-kind resources.

Senator Minchin said the new CRC would play an important part in supporting Australia's role in the ongoing international negotiations and assessment for implementing the Kyoto Protocol, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Senator Minchin said the CRC would focus on demonstrating that carbon sinks (areas that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere) and emissions of greenhouse gases can be measured accurately.

"The new techniques will help generate more precise data, which is essential for the success of the National Carbon Accounting System announced by the Prime Minister in his 1997 statement, Safeguarding the Future .

"To meet our commitments and to make better decisions in support of the Government's Climate Change Initiative, we need more data on the impact of our activities", Senator Minchin said.

There are currently 65 CRCs that receive $140 million of Federal Government funding. The CRC for Greenhouse Accounting is one of 26 centres that were successful in the sixth round of the CRC program.

Applications for the seventh selection round will be called soon. Centres selected in this round are expected to open in July 2001.

Senator Minchin praised the role of CRCs in helping Australia maintain a competitive stance in leading-edge technology.

"Cooperative Research Centres are designed to encourage collaboration between industry, educational institutions and government.

"The program provides business with a unique opportunity to work in partnership with research institutions and to focus research relevant to industry needs."

Senator Minchin commended the CRC Association on the release of Triumphs in Technology Transfer, a new booklet which showcases the achievements of some of Australia's best CRCs. The booklet is available from the Association, 02 6279 5835.

For more details on the CRC program visit the website:


Kate Harvey, Senator Minchin's office, 02 6277 7580

John Boyd, CRC Program, 02 6213 6430




Greenhouse Accounting Centre Participants

Australian National University

Australian Greenhouse Office

Bureau of Rural Sciences


Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Primary Industries

State Forests NSW

WA Department of Conservation and Land Management  

Industry Supporters

Alcoa Australia Pty Ltd

Shell Co of Australia

Stanwell Corporation

Saltbrush Co of Australia Pty Ltd

WA Chemistry Centre



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