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Union's iconic act of hypocrisy.

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Media Release

31 August, 2007

Union's Iconic Act of Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the union bosses has been exposed yet again by the case of Maree Fletcher.

A single mum, Ms Fletcher last week took a day off without pay to appear in a NSW Nurses Federation advertisement.

Ms Fletcher was promised $1400 to appear in the ad yet when the union found out her daughter was sick they dumped Ms Fletcher for someone else.

According to today's Daily Telegraph, Ms Fletcher, who was not given a chance to film at a different date, was not compensated for her time.

This shows where the union boss’ true priorities lie.

They are so busy spending millions trying to get Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard elected that they have forgotten about helping their members.

Most nurses in NSW aren't even covered by the Federal system.

How can the Nurses Federation find millions to fund a misleading campaign against laws that don't affect their members, yet they can't honour a $1400 deal with Ms Fletcher?

We won't hear any confected outrage from Labor and the unions today about Ms Fletcher's predicament.

They are more interested in running a misleading political campaign than looking after the interests of their membership.

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