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Job opportunities plunge as Orica sacks 500

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Simon Crean - Job Opportunities Plunge As Orica Sacks 500 Tuesday, 06 November 2001

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Job Opportunities Plunge As Orica Sacks 500 Simon Crean - Shadow Treasurer

Media Statement - 5 November 2001

Job opportunities, as measured by the ANZ Job Advertisements series, today plunged to their lowest level since March 1997.

The ANZ job ad series recorded a fall of 2.2% in October, compounding the fall of 1.6% in September.

The news of falling job opportunities comes on the same day that Orica is sacking 500 workers, just the latest in the string of mass lay-offs and corporate collapses since the GST was introduced.

It is clear that Australia is facing a rapidly worsening jobs crisis with ramifications for Australia's economic and social future. ANZ Chief Economist Saul Eslake made the following comments in today's release:

… the unemployment rate could well move above 7 per cent, possibly reaching 7 ¼ per cent early in the new year. ●

This is why it is an absolute disgrace that the Liberal Party has arrogantly decided to contest a Federal election without an employment policy.

Their so-called 'policy', launched last Friday, contained nothing but empty rhetoric and reannouncements of existing policy. There was not one extra initiative to assist the unemployed and not one new dollar to create jobs.

This just shows how arrogant the Howard Government has become in this election - expecting to coast back into power without policies and without a Prime Minister committed to a full term.

The contrast is now very clear, with Kim Beazley's comprehensive suite of policies to secure and create jobs:

Kim Beazley's Plan for Australia's Infrastructure, launched on 23 October, invests $505 million over four years in building infrastructure and creating jobs; ●

Kim Beazley's Plan for Tourism, launched on 25 October, will see $76 million invested over the ●

next four years to save tourism jobs and create new ones; and Kim Beazley's Plan for Employment and Training, launched as part of Labor's Knowledge Nation package on 1 November, invests $215 million over four years to give Australians the skills and assistance they need to find jobs.


Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.