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Howard: the favourite.

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Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770


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John Howard is the short priced favourite to win the election called for the 3rd of October, even though he has pledged to introduce a GST so damaging to Western Sydney families, claimed Federal Member for Chifley, Mr Roger Price MP.


"It's going to be a very tough campaign", said Mr Price.


"Voters have until Friday 7 September to fill in and lodge their enrolment forms and I would urge all to do so".


"The plunging Australian Dollar means that Mr Howard has to call an election before interest rates rise and the full impact of the Asian meltdown hits Australia"', said Mr Price.


"A $27 billion new Tax, the GST, is the, only certainty should Mr Howard win".


"Voters haven't forgotten that Mr Howard was the man who solemnly promised at the last election to "never ever" introduce a GST. Nor have they forgotten that Mr Costello described a GST as "snake oil" ".


"Mr Howard's tax cuts are plundered from the budget surplus, which will he most at risk in an economic downturn or recession. They are tax cuts on the never never", said Mr Price.


"Labor is offering a fairer tax system with no GST and fully funded.


"Our priority is delivering real; affordable tax cuts to low and middle income families. Through a system of tax cuts paid as tax credits, more than 1.6 million families will receive a tax cut and for low and middle earners these tax cuts will be worth up to $3000 a year".


"I am disappointed that the Australian people will not be given the chance to vote on a referendum for a four-year term much less a referendum for fewer Federal politicians. These changes should be made before the Centenary of Federation", said Mr Price.



Issue of Writs: 31 August 98

Close of Election Rolls: 7 September 98

Close of Nominations: 10 September 98

Election: 3 October 98


Media Contact: Michael Galderisi, Phone: 9625-4344; Fax: 9832-2641


Dated: 31 August 1998