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4 month stay of execution changes little.

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John Howard and Amanda Vanstone will still attempt to hold hostage some of the most disadvantaged people in the community in a crude attempt to force through its disability pension cuts announced in the Budget.

The announcement today of a four-month continuation of existing funding through the CSTDA is little more than a stay of execution.

In her statement today Minister Vanstone re-affirmed the Government’s strategy to handcuff the cuts to disability pensions to funding for essential disability services.

The threat is an affront to common decency.

People with disabilities cannot win - they either lose their pensions or lose essential services like respite care and supported housing.

Minister Vanstone also continues to mislead about impact of the pension cuts. She claims little more than 3% will be affected each year - yet her own Department has confirmed that one in four people currently on DSP will be pushed onto the dole.

The Coalition’s continued attack on the vulnerable confirms how out of touch it is with the Australian people.

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Wayne Swan MP Manager of Opposition Business Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services