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New incentives to help indigenous Australians get jobs.

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The Hon Peter Reith, MP

Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business

Leader of the House of Representatives





20 September 1999







Anothe r element of the $115 million Indigenous Employment Policy starts today, the CDEP Placement Incentive programme.


This is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to boost employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians under the LEP.


The CDEP Placement Incentive programme will offer up to $2000 as a bonus to Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) organisations who place their participants in permanent jobs.


The CDEP scheme has been operating since the early 1 970s.


Under the scheme, 32,000 indigenous Australians work for their communities rather than receive unemployment benefits.


CDEP is a successful program that has proved itself to be a useful and productive working alternative for indigenous jobseekers, particularly in remote communities where there are virtually no job opportunities.


According to an independent evaluation of the program in 1997, the CDEP scheme could be more effective in channelling participants into permanent jobs in those towns and cities where employment opportunities do exist.


In response, the Government is now offering an incentive to CDEP organisations to move their workers into long-term employment.


My Department and ATSIC are working to help CDEP organisations become more active players in their local labour market.


The Chairman of ATSIC, Mr Gatjil Djerrkura, said the Commission has pledged 100 per cent support for Mr Reith’s initiatives.


Mr Djerrkura said CDEP had been a cornerstone of economic development in indigenous communities but more stimuli was required to generate permanent employment.


The CDEP Placement Incentive will work in combination with other IEP programmes such as the Wage Assistance Program and the Indigenous Cadetship Programme to secure more jobs for Indigenous Australians.


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