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E-solution for online gambling.

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Senator for South Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Science and Information Technology

Press Release Dated: 31 Aug 2000 Press Release Number: 00/551 Portfolio: Science and Information Technology 

e-solution for online gambling Australian Democrats’ Deputy Leader, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, unveiled today the solution to the Government’s ineffective Internet moratorium. “The Bill does not protect Australians from a casino in every lounge room and it does not address the real issue of problem gambling. The Government has once again failed to understand how the Internet works,” said Senator Stott Despoja.

“The Government’s objective is to investigate the feasibility of a ban on Australian Internet gambling. The online services debate and the Senate ‘NetBets’ inquiry has shown that a ban is not effective.

“The Governments approach to Internet gambling will not protect Australians, but it does provide an opportunity to address a social issue pressing to the Australian community.

“The question of what to do about increased access to gaming services is valid and I am pleased to say that the Democrats today can offer an effective solution. It is possible to achieve both technologically savvy and socially responsible regulation for online gaming services.

“The Democrats proposal will do this and has the support of the Internet Association of Australia and the gaming interests.

The Australian Democrats support a three-month non-retrospective moratorium to enable the States to establish a minimum uniform set of national regulatory principles for interactive gaming in Australia.

The moratorium will be effective to:

- all new licences at the conclusion of the moratorium and existing licences upon


- all for wagering and gaming services.

Should the States not agree within the moratorium period the Federal Minister may enforce what is deemed a minimum uniform set of principles by the majority of the States. This agreement should include a national public education campaign on the Australian regulation and harm minimisation of Internet gambling.

“The Democrats also recommend that a public education campaign be supported by an appropriate percentage of gambling revenues from Australian licensees to a centralised fund”, concluded Senator Stott Despoja.


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