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Local schools to be hit with GST.

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Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770


For Immediate Release




7 July 1998


John Howard has refused to rule out a 10% Goods and Services Tax on local schools, Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley, said today.


“Labor has again asked questions in the Parliament to clarify whether schools will be subject to a GST”, said Mr Price.


“And Mr Howard’s Govenment has refused to rule out a 10% GST on our local schools”.


“A 10% GST on, for example Mt Druitt or Rooty Hill High Schools, or on Mt Druitt TAFE will be devastating for their students”.


“School fees and all student requirements such as books and clothing would all cost more”, said Mr Price.


“With a 10 per cent GST families would have to pay $250 GST on school fees of $2,500 a year, $3 GST on text books costing $30 and a $4 GST on uniforms costing $40”.


“The GST will also add to the cost of getting students to and from their place of education”.


“Public transport to and from educational institutions would now have a GST applied”, said Mr Price.


“With a 10 per cent GST you would have to pay S40 GST a year on bus fares (assuming bus fares of $1 each way), or $3 in GST on $30 worth of petrol”.


“Additional administration costs would be also be imposed on schools, TAFEs and universities. They would have fewer resources to employ teachers and other staff, and to maintain facilities”.


“Virtually everything these institutions buy would carry a GS7, said Mr Price.


“Inevitably costs would be passed on to students and their families and university tuition fees would be subject to the tax. Other changes, such as sports union fees, would rise”.


“And even the new Common Youth Allowance would have to be used to pay for a 10 per cent GST”:


“Labor opposes John Howard’s GST because it will be a tax on learning”, concluded Mr Price.


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