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Summit meeting between South and North Korea.

Summit Meeting Between South And North Korea


Laurie Brereton - Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs


Media Statement - 11 April 2000


The Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurie Brereton, today warmly welcomed the announcement of agreement to hold a summit meeting between South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang from 12-14 June.


"This historical meeting has the potential to open a new process of reconciliation and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula", Mr Brereton said.


"South Korean President Kim Dae-jung deserves high praise for his efforts to ease tension with North Korea through economic, cultural and personal exchanges under his 'Sunshine Policy'. Increases in trade and personal contacts between the two Koreas have the potential to build the foundations for a more cooperative relationship."


"The development of direct high-level dialogue between North and South Korea is vital to address the sources of insecurity on the Korean Peninsula."


"North Korean's nuclear, ballistic missile and suspected chemical and biological weapon programs remain matters of very serious concern. Early action by North Korea to comply fully with International Atomic Energy Agency requirements and suspend completely its missile development program would do much to build confidence and enhance security."


"It is to be hoped that the forthcoming summit meeting will open the way for a more constructive approach by North Korea and diminish the threat of weapons of mass destruction on the Korean Peninsula."


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