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Washington trade stunt will fool no one.

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Washington trade stunt will fool no one 19th May 04

Greens concerned Senate Committee will bypass QLD

Greens Senator, Kerry Nettle, labelled the signing of the US Free Trade Agreement in Washington today as a stunt that would fool no one. She reiterated the Greens commitment to vote against any legislation required to implement the deal.

"Minister Vaile's signing ceremony is little more than a stunt designed to hide the fact the deal is bad for Australia and is in big trouble. This replay of the previous signing ceremony will fool no one."

"The deal still needs to get past a potentially hostile US Congress and hopefully will not pass the Senate. If it fails either of these hurdles the deal is dead"

"Hearings by the government controlled inquiry and the Senate inquiry have all head extensive evidence outlining why Australians do not want this deal to go ahead."

"That is why we are concerned that the Senate Select committee seems to have decided to bypass the Queensland community and cancel its Brisbane hearings.

"We understand that a number of community groups hoped to give evidence including medical experts looking at the impact of the deal on pharmaceuticals.

"The Senate Committee needs to allow the whole community to express their fears regarding the trade agreement."