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Family First opposes special treatment for politicians and pollsters.

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MEDIA RELEASE SF/60. Monday May 29, 2006


FAMILY FIRST opposes special treatment for politicians and pollsters who will be able to make nuisance calls to families despite telemarketers being banned.

Who wants to be preparing the dinner or getting the kids off to bed and get harassed by politicians chasing votes or pollsters chasing opinions?

FAMILY FIRST supports the Government's plan to set up a national "do not call" register which will allow Australians to opt out from receiving unwelcome telemarketing calls.

But the Do Not Call Register Bill, which was introduced into Parliament last Thursday, contains exemptions for political parties and pollsters.

Why should we get special treatment? Our calls are just as annoying, in fact more annoying, than someone trying to flog a so-called free trip to the Bahamas. FAMILY FIRST will move an amendment to overturn the exemption.

Receiving a phone call at home used to be a happy event when you could chat with family or friends. These days our homes are like bunkers with answering machines to filter unwanted calls.

Who can forget the 2004 election campaign when families received messages on their answering machines from the Prime Minister and Treasurer?

This is just another example of hypocrisy; one rule for us politicians and another for everyone else.

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