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Report into Cornelia Rau matter.

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Report into Cornelia Rau Matter

VPS 061/2005

Minister for Immigration, Amanda Vanstone, today welcomed the statement from Mick Palmer, confirming that he will present his report into the Cornelia Rau matter within the next four weeks.

‘As I said when I announced Mr Palmer would conduct the inquiry, the Government is committed to getting the facts of the case,’ the Minister said.

‘I agree with Mr Palmer’s decision to not delay his report on the Rau matter, while examination of the Alvarez matter and additional cases referred by the Government are completed.’

The Minister stressed it was important that people have the facts before rushing to judgement on the cases being examined by Mr Palmer.

‘While some people have been quick to apportion blame, it is important that we don’t rush to judgement. Through the Palmer inquiry we are getting a thorough and independent assessment of the facts,’ the Minister said.

‘I am confident that the facts will be provided by Mr Palmer and I look forward to receiving his report.’

The Minister confirmed that the reports findings and recommendations would be made public.

20 May 2005

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