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Local businesses and community groups urged to apply for funding for greenhouse reduction solutions.

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Julian McGauran Liberal Senator for Victoria

Local Businesses and Community Groups Urged to Apply for Funding for Greenhouse Reduction Solutions

Friday, 30 June 2006

Businesses, community groups, schools, local councils and other organisations in the Ballarat electorate are urged to apply for Australian Government grant funding totalling almost $2.2 million to develop and implement local actions to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Liberal Senator for Victoria, Julian McGauran, welcomed the announcement that a series of grants aimed at local communities were now open to local councils and organisations to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions at the community level.

“These grants are open to a wide range of groups to deliver practical greenhouse reduction actions,” Senator McGauran said.

“Grants of up to $100,000 are available to businesses, local government or other organisations under the $1.77 million Low Emissions Technology and Abatement (LETA) measure to adopt small scale low emission technologies.

“These projects will vary but may include the installation of low energy lighting technologies for school or retail complexes, walk or ride to school campaigns or energy saving measures in homes and offices,” he said.

“Further grants totalling $280,000 are available to fund community abatement grants where three or more Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) councils will be able to work with householders, local businesses, schools or other organisations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

An additional $120,000 will help local councils involved in CCP to meet their formal programme milestones.

LETA is a $26.9 million measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the longer term by developing and using cost-effective abatement opportunities and technologies

in business, industry and local communities. CCP is an international programme delivered in Australia in partnership with the Australian Greenhouse Office within the Department of the Environment and Heritage and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

“CCP Australia is the world’s largest and most successful local government greenhouse programme with a record breaking 216 local governments participants - this represents 82 per cent of the Australian population,” Senator McGauran said.

“These grants will increase the scope of local environmental projects that may already be operating in Ballarat. I encourage groups to apply for the grants,” he said.

More information about the grants can be accessed at