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Ferguson's hypocrisy knows no bounds: Tuckey.

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Media Releases The Hon Wilson Tuckey MP Minister for Forestry and Conservation

AFFA00/44TU 27 June 2000


Martin Ferguson was one of the trade union authors and or supporters of the Laidley Agreement that restricted all fuel deliveries to fuel company trucks and their union member drivers thus denying all service station operators the right to buy or sell cheaper petrol.

In the 1993 Budget, Ferguson and the Labor Government added 6 cents a litre to the excise cost of petrol and diesel plus the introduction of regular automatic indexation rises each six months. By comparison, previous Liberal Governments took the more honest approach of introducing excise increases by way of a distinct Budget measure.

The Labor Government increased fuel excise from 6 cents a litre to 36 cents a litre during its period in office.

Now, Martin Ferguson sends out a press release using his personal arithmetic to try and prove my actions will result in a1.32 cents a litre increase in fuel prices in my electorate.

Whilst I deny the allegation, it sure compares pretty well with Labor's 30 cents a litre increase.

The realities are as follows.

Actual fuel prices are dictated by the international price of crude oil and the

marketing policies of the big oil companies.

Price swings of 10 cents a litre can occur during a single week in the metropolitan area and it surely isn't freight costs that make up the 10-20 cents a litre price differential between city and country prices.

I have never believed the oil companies' explanations in this regard any more than I believe that they are not going to enjoy significant cost input cuts resulting from the new tax system.

For the first time ever, by way of the reduction in excise and the GST rebate system for business users, petrol and diesel used in light vehicles will be reduced under present prices by one eleventh of the actual price paid now and in the future. Medium and heavy transport operators will receive a further cut of 16 cents a litre by way of grant from their diesel costs and pay no GST or WST on their trucks, parts, oils and tyres.

The railways, farmers and miners will pay no diesel fuel excise which is a huge saving to rail freight which previously paid full excise.

The biggest transport saving in Australia's history cannot be criticised by an MP with the tax baggage that is attached to the former ACTU President, Martin Ferguson, now retired to Parliament.

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