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Australia to help in efforts to secure regional armouries.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. Peter Reith, MP Minister for Defence


18 Aug 2001 MIN 295/01



Australia is offering to provide practical help and advice to improve small arms security and stockpile practices in Pacific Islands Forum countries.

The Pacific Small Arms Workshop, held in Brisbane in May, concluded that the regional small arms problem comes not so much from illicit trade in small arms - as in Asia and Africa - but from problems in safeguarding government-owned small arms.

Events in the region over the past year have underscored the direct challenge which poor armoury security can pose to constitutional government and law and order.

In order to assist regional partners who are grappling with these problems, Australia is keen to provide further practical help and advice in improving security and stockpile practices.

Australia is therefore offering to sponsor visits by Australian Defence personnel to regional states to provide technical advice and to consider further assistance for improving armoury security and accounting systems for small arms. We are keen to give practical help where we can to regional partners facing practical problems in maintaining good governance and the rule of law.


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