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Greens call on PM to respond to new Iraq poll.

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Greens call on PM to respond to new Iraq poll 17th Jun 04

A poll conducted by the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq has found overwhelming support amongst Iraqis for a withdrawal of occupying troops as soon as possible.

The Greens policy for immediate withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq and a withdrawal of US troops soon after is the popular choice for Iraqis on the ground.

"The Prime Minister told his party room this week that Iraq was turning his way. The Greens ask the PM why he continues to ignore the very people he claims to have liberated," Senator Nettle said.

The Poll taken in May surveyed thousands of Iraqis in seven cities. Results show that over 90% of Iraqis consider the coalition forces as 'occupiers' and this was the key reason why a majority (55%) would feel safer if they left immediately and 86% felt troops should leave either immediately or as soon as a permanent government is elected.

"The Prime Minister has some explaining to do. This poll refutes his view that Iraqis support the occupation.

"The US controlled Coalition Provisional Authority is telling us that Iraqis want the troops gone. On what basis does the Prime Minister believe that he knows the will of the Iraqi people better?

"The leadership in the US and Australia must take responsibility for the fiasco of prisoner abuse and the heavy handed tactics that have killed hundreds of civilians. Australia should be urging their allies to pull out as soon as possible.

"The Greens will be raising this issue in the Senate next week and expect the Senate majority to endorse our support for the popular will of the Iraqi people to be rid of their occupiers."

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