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No more excuses: Howard must ratify Kyoto and meet target.

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PETER GARRETT MP Member for Kingsford Smith

Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage


No More Excuses -

Howard Must Ratify Kyoto and Meet Target

Australia’s Kyoto target is slipping away, and so is the Howard Government’s credibility on climate change.

Today’s report from the Climate Institute, projecting Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have blown out by 22.5 million tonnes in the last three years, blows a hole through the Government’s rhetoric on Kyoto.

Just last month, the Prime Minister told the Parliament Australia was “on track to meet its Kyoto target, unlike many of the countries that presume to lecture Australia on what she should be doing.”

The Minister for the Environment has also maintained that Australia is “is on track to meet its Kyoto target.”

But the greenhouse gas emissions blow-out projected by the Climate Institute is the equivalent of adding more than five million cars to Australian roads.

Australia is on track to increase its greenhouse gas emissions by 27% by 2020 - that’s the Government’s real climate change target.

Labor calls on the Howard Government to come clean on Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and guarantee that we will meet our Kyoto target.

Having negotiated a generous Kyoto target, then refusing to ratify Kyoto, the Prime Minister must demonstrate how he will ensure the target is met.

The time is up for excuses on climate change.

Only a Rudd Labor Government will deliver climate change solutions and ensure Australia’s long-term sustainable prosperity.

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