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Smartcards are part of Australia's ICT future.

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The Hon Gary Nairn MP

Special Minister of State

Media Release

04/2007 22 March 2007

Smartcards are part of Australia's ICT future

In an address to the Australian Smartcard Users Forum, the Special Minister of State, Gary Nairn, has outlined how Smartcard technology can improve the security and privacy of the delivery of Government services.

“Under the 2006 e-Government strategy agencies are to develop easier and more efficient means to interact with their stakeholders. The Smartcard Framework is an important part of the eGovernment Strategy and we are getting good cooperation in multiple forums dealing with smartcard and authentication standards.” Mr Nairn said.

The desire for citizens to interact with Government through technology is evident. The number of people interacting with Government via the Internet has grown to 19%, up from 14% just 12 months prior.

“The Government has to connect with all Australians and provide the capacity to support expectations of citizens to access government services in their own preferred way,” Mr Nairn said.

Governments from all three spheres have been involved in the development of the Smartcard Framework to ensure consistency and ease of use for citizens across Government jurisdictions.

The Framework is also helping to put in place the rules for the use of smartcards in Government and potentially between public and private sectors.

“The Government does take the concerns of privacy and security very seriously, and in fact the technology involved in Smartcards enhances security and privacy over mag-stripe and cardboard cards.” said Mr Nairn.

“Through the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) a consistent approach to smartcards will continue to be developed to safely and efficiently deliver services to citizens.”

"The Labor Party is scaremongering again. They can only rant negatively about all sorts of hypothetical obstacles but offer no alternatives. They would rather sit on their hands until 2010 before acting."

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