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Work for the Dole veto confirms unions control Labor Party.

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Minister for Employment Services

The Hon Tony Abbott MP



10 December 1998




Work for the dole veto confirms Unions control Labor Party

Tony Abbott, Minister for Employment Services confirmed today that NSW Labor Government policy is compromising opportunities for young people.

The policy, in the form of a Premier’s Department directive informs all NSW Government agencies tendering for Work for the Dole projects that they must have "full consultation with the NSW public sector unions".

"This policy has been in place for almost twelve months and it’s becoming apparent that unions across New South Wales have been given an effective ‘right of veto’ over Work for the Dole proposals." Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott confirmed he had received representations raising concerns about potential Work for the Dole projects in jeopardy because the relevant union has refused to co-operate.

Of particular concern are a number of potential Work for the Dole projects in regional areas that could be "scuttled" by union opposition.

"In effect, regional NSW Government agency heads are at the mercy of Sussex Street. It reaffirms fears that unions are running the Labor Party in New South Wales." Mr Abbott said.

"It confirms Labor and union head offices are out of touch with the community which has overwhelmingly embraced the concept of mutual obligation." Mr Abbott said. "Work for the Dole projects nationwide have provided almost 10,000 young people with exposure to new skills, a sense of relevance and in almost 25% of cases transition to employment or training."

"I understand that local union organisers are also concerned that their Sydney based leaders are exercising ‘vetoes’ over regional projects."


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