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Is it Christmas coming up or April Fool's Day?

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Is It Christmas Coming Up or April Fool’s Day? Northern Territory Labor Senator Trish Crossin has questioned the appointment of Tony Abbott as the new federal Minister for Industrial Relations.

"I have to admit, I’m feeling somewhat confused. I thought it was Christmas coming up, not April fool’s day. What month are we in, is it December or April? Surely John Howard is playing a bit of a premature April fool’s day joke on us with his new ministerial appointments," Senator Crossin said.

"Peter Reith as Minister for Industrial Relations was bad enough, but Tony Abbott… you’ve got to be kidding. We saw how far Peter Reith’s bovver boy tactics got him. Now headkicker Abbott is going to have a shot at being the big bully.

"It’s quite clear what Mr Howard’s agenda is - to make sure that the average Australian employee is placed in as a precarious employment position as possible," Senator Crossin said.

"This Government’s divisive industrial relations policy have undermined social cohesion in the Australian community, and are a blatant attempt to create an industrial environment where employees are too scared to speak out in defence of their rights.

"As for what’s happened in Aboriginal Affairs -while it was about time the Prime Minister sacked John Herron as Aboriginal Affairs Minister, I am very concerned about Senator Herron’s replacement, Phillip Ruddock.

"Isn’t Mr Ruddock the same person who demonstrated his ignorance about Australia’s Indigenous culture recently with his insulting and uninformed comments to the overseas media about Aboriginal people.

"I haven’t seen much evidence of sensitivity and understanding in his dealings on immigration issues. He was also a major disappointment as the Minister for Reconciliation. I can’t think of any reason why he would be any better with Aboriginal issues," Senator Crossin said.

"No, all in all, it must be April fool’s day coming up," Senator Crossin concluded.

"There doesn’t seem to be too much Christmas spirit coming from this Government".