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Less talk, more action on ethanol.

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Less talk, more action on ethanol 21 April, 2006

MEMBER for Kennedy Bob Katter said he was sick of hearing federal Nationals talk about what should be done on the ethanol front.

“It’s quite incredible, they keep saying what should happen - they are the Government; don’t tell us what should happen - do it!” Mr Katter said.

“The National Party holds the portfolios of agriculture and transport in the Federal Government ... do it, otherwise your remarks are hypocritical.”

Mr Katter was referring to recent comments from federal National Party politicians saying they would like to see more ethanol blends available at Australian bowsers.

He said it was an appalling disgrace that petrol was so expensive in Australia when people are fuelling their cars in Brazil for only 68 cents a litre as a result of mandated ethanol.

He said the United States has just passed legislation to move to a 5 per cent mandated ethanol. President Bush has stated in his State of the Union address that (with electricity) ethanol will increase to 75 per cent of America’s fuel requirements by 2025.

“The major part of Australia’s petrol requirements by 2010 is to come from Indonesia and I would not think that is a very reliable supply line,” Mr Katter said.

“One tenth of Queensland’s Gulf and Midwest lands and water could supply 50 per cent of Australia’s petroleum requirements if the Government had a will. Australia’s sugar and grain industries currently could supply 50 per cent. Reducing the balance of trade deficit, delivering a greatly increased sugar cane price and provide a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions.

“Australia must, can and will have 50 per cent of our petrol requirements supplied by ethanol.

“How long governments and their hypocritical spokesman continue to serve the interests of the big supermarket retailers and foreign oil companies, however, is a question yet to be answered.”


Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Member for Kennedy