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New apprenticeships made easier for remote North Queensland.

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Media Release

New Apprenticeships Made Easier for Remote North Queensland K79 11th April 2001

“A new Thursday Island New Apprenticeships Centre will help local employers and young people access information and services about New Apprenticeships which has previously only been available on the mainland,” said the Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Dr David Kemp on Thursday Island (TI) today.

Officially opening Australia’s most remote New Apprenticeships Centre, Dr Kemp said this Centre would play a vital role in expanding and enhancing New Apprenticeships by providing services tailored to the needs of employers and New Apprentices on TI.

Bama Ngappi Ngappi Aboriginal Corporation, trading as Employnet and Apprentice Traineeship Services will cover the Torres Strait region as well as the five communities in the Northern Peninsula and Cape York areas. These include the mainland communities of Bamaga (about 40km from the very tip of the Cape) and Seisia, Umagico, New Mapoon and Injinoo communities.

“Having this Centre on TI will mean that for the first time the full range of New Apprenticeships services will be available to the local employers and prospective New Apprentices. Until now services have been provided under shared accommodation and some New Apprenticeship services were provided from the mainland.” 

The new Centre will handle the region’s training arrangements, and assist with streamlining information and access to Commonwealth financial incentives and

other forms of assistance such as the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) which helps out-of-trade apprentices to continue their training.

“This is a time when remote communities are looking to their future and how to prosper in a highly competitive environment. They are also keen to keep their home-grown talent which is vital to preserving and building the social fabric of rural and regional communities in the 21st century,” said Dr Kemp.

“The skills and development of people, especially young people, must be the number one consideration -- and that’s exactly what New Apprenticeships are about.

“The Government understands the vital contribution made by employers who offer local training and employment opportunities, which in turn help to keep communities alive and growing.

Over 250,000 Australians in rural and regional areas have already benefited from New Apprenticeships to date. 

“New Apprenticeships offer communities the chance to give young people structured training in their own regions. There are New Apprenticeships in sectors as diverse as information technology, retail trade, tourism, hospitality, property and business services, community services and health, finance and communication.”

The Federal Government supports New Apprenticeships with financial incentives of up to $4,400 for New Apprenticeships employers, with an additional $1,100 incentive for employers in rural and regional Australia in areas where there is an identified skill shortage.

“I strongly encourage employers of the TI region to take advantage of the real benefits that New Apprenticeships can offer businesses in rural and regional Australia. The financial incentives to employers available under New Apprenticeships can provide important training and career opportunities for Indigenous Australians,” said Dr Kemp.

The number of New Apprenticeships Centres in rural and regional areas has also increased from 118 to 197 in the past 12 months, underlining the Government’s commitment to providing the right support for employers and their New Apprentices.

For more information about New Apprenticeships visit the website at: or call 1800 639 629 for the location of your New Apprenticeships Centre.

Media contact: Catherine Job (02) 6277 7460 or (0408) 648 400


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