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Brown slams Labor as Howard look-alikes on forests.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Brown slams Labor as Howard look-alikes on forests

23rd Jul 07

Greens Leader Bob Brown said tonight that Kevin Rudd has yet again made himself look like

John Howard, this time over Tasmanian forest destruction.

“Howard slams the unions whenever he can. Rudd kicks unionists out of the Labor party for

swearing, but both back a fragment of the CFMEU in the destruction of Australia’s heritage

forests and wildlife,” Senator Brown said.

“The union pro-mill, anti forests policy unites Rudd and Howard every bit as much s the pay rise

for politicians. This Labor proposal to destroy the habitat of endangered species like the giant

Tasmania wedge-tail eagle and the Tasmanian Devil breaks Australia’s environment law, but

there is no brake on both leaders’ subservience to the job-shedding logging industry.”

“This policy takes a chainsaw to Kevin Rudd’s credibility on climate change. Voters alarmed

about the loss of this nation’s living heritage and the impact of burning forests on climate

change will have to vote Green in 2007.”

“How Peter Garrett can support this policy is beyond my comprehension.” Senator Brown said.

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