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Gunns pulp mill dioxin hazard makes sham of 'world's best' claims.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Gunns pulp mill dioxin hazard makes sham of ‘world’s best’ claims

15th Oct 07

The Lennon Government and the Minister for the Environment Malcolm Turnbull had been duped by Gunns and both seriously misled Australians in claiming Gunns’ polluting pulp mill was ‘world’s

best practice’, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Launceston today.

“The Age today reports that Gunns mill will legally exude as much of the deadly chemical dioxin as the whole Swedish industry (which produces seven times as much pulp) put together. The claim that Gunns has been tied to ‘world’s best practice’ is false. The impact on Bass Strait fisheries, seal and penguin colonies, the Tamar River estuary and local beaches, is entirely without prediction. And while Labor’s environment shadow Peter Garrett is ‘perfectly comfortable’ with the mill, the insidious hazard of dioxins and furans in Tasmania’s ecosystem should have stopped the mill,” Senator Brown said.

“The Greens will campaign against this head-in-the-sand attitude from Hobart and Canberra right through to 24 November and beyond. This is no debating frivolity. The pulp mill is a serious hazard to forests, the Tamar Valley and the ocean. The economic consequences of not insisting on a dioxin free mill are potentially huge,” Senator Brown said.

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