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Mitsubishi decision.

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21 May 2004

Mitsubishi decision

Comments from the Member for Boothby, Dr Andrew Southcott, whose electorate takes in the Mitsubishi plant at Tonsley Park and many of its workers.

My first thoughts go to workers and their families. But it could have been much worse.

I commend our Government’s $50 million rescue package. It will help to give some peace of mind for affected workers at this difficult time.

We will work to provide every support possible for workers who choose to take a voluntary separation package.

The key is to ensure that workers gain access to every available income assistance, training and employment programs.

We must now focus on the positives, including the confirmation for the development of Mitsubishi’s new model to be built at the Tonsley Park plant.

I trust that success there will provide more stability for the company.

The Howard Government will also continue its automotive industry incentives to help Mitsubishi to grow stronger.

It is hoped that today will put an end to the speculation which has been so painful for many of Mitsubishi’s loyal workforce.

I also hope that a new use will be found soon for the Lonsdale plant which helps to create new job opportunities for local workers.

Given the strong leadership of Mitsubishi CEO, Tom Phillips, I am confident that everything that can be done to strengthen the plant and the jobs of remaining workers will be done.

During these difficult recent times, I have kept in contact with Mr Phillips. I have also continued to stress the importance of Mitsubishi to a range of Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister’s office.

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