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Two wrongs will not make ATSIC right.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Aden Ridgeway Democrats Senator for New South Wales Australian Democrats spokesperson for Indigenous Affairs

Dated: 30 March 2004 Press Release Number: 04/248 Portfolio: Indigenous


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Two wrongs will not make ATSIC right

The ALP has got it wrong on their Indigenous policy announcement today say the Australian Democrats.

Democrats Indigenous Affairs spokesperson, Senator Aden Ridgeway, said the ALP should be talking to ATSIC and Indigenous people about their future, not dictating to them.

"The Government has got it wrong on ATSIC, now the ALP has got it wrong, and two wrongs will not make ATSIC right," Senator Ridgeway said.

"This decision characterises Indigenous policy over the past 35 years imposed from above and without reference to the people it is meant to benefit.

"Indigenous Affairs needs strengthening and trust building not abolition.

"I am encouraged that the ALP will use the COAG process and a whole-of-government approach, but there needs to be a strong national body to hold those Governments to account.

"We need a stronger national body not a more diffused one.

"I want a commitment from Latham and the ALP that they will consult extensively before proceeding any further.

"Without consultation, the imposition of yet another model will not be well received and will not work," concluded Senator Ridgeway.

Printed: 2 April 2004

Authorised by: Marianne Dickie , 16 National Cct, Barton ACT 2604.