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Record level of high care places released.

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Media Release Bronwyn Bishop Minister for Aged Care

Tuesday, 3 April 2001

RECORD LEVEL OF HIGH CARE AGED CARE PLACES RELEASED A record level of funding will be directed towards new aged care places including the largest number of new high care places ever released in a single year, Federal Minister for Aged Care Bronwyn Bishop said today.

Mrs Bishop announced that in the Year 2001 round the Government would be funding a total of 9541 new aged care places worth $182 million.

2479 of the 9541 new places will be new residential high care beds.

"This is more than four times the number of residential high care places ever released in a single year for the past 15 years," Mrs Bishop said.

The new places to be released by the Commonwealth will be worth an estimated $182 million a year in recurrent funding, up from the $173 million in funding for places released in the 2001 approvals round.

"The targeting of these new places will be considered by the Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee's (ACPAC's), of which there is one in each State, who will identify the needs in each planning region with reference to the projected ABS figures detailing populations of people over the age of 70 years and the special needs groups in each planning area."

The Department will be seeking the applicants who can best meet the aged care needs of their regions. A key consideration this year will be their ability to bring beds into operation in a relatively short time frame.

"This release of new places will mean a significant increase in the availability of high care places and better access to a residential place for those who are in need of a greater level of care," Mrs Bishop said.

"The size and distribution of the 2001 allocation of new aged care places has been carefully designed to meet the demand in accordance with the ratio of having 100 places per 1000 people of the population over the age of 70 years.

"The strong focus on high care places is to meet projected high care needs for the future."

With the release of the new places in 2001, the Government will have allocated almost 31,000 new aged care places over three years of the 2nd Howard Government.

2001 Allocation of Aged Care Places

State or Territory Residential

High Level Care   Low Level Care Community Care Places Total

New South Wales 201               1560 558 2319

Victoria 621                773 372 1766

Queensland 469                 561 257 1287

Western Australia 302                 370 135 807

South Australia 227                 275 134 636

Tasmania 14                109 41 164

Australian Capital Territory 50                20 6 76

Northern Territory 30                 30 66 126

Subtotal 1914                3698 1569 7181

*National Pool Places       2360

TOTAL       9451

*National pool places have not been allocated to a specific State and will be used for restructuring, flexible care, multipurpose services, emergency residential care, innovative services and conversions. There are 565 high care places in the national pool.

For more information about the Year 2001 allocation round please phone Marcus James, Department of Health and Aged Care on 02 62895500

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