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FuelWatch credibility drained by

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Luke Hartsuyker MP

Shadow Minister for Business Development, Independent Contractors and Consumer Affairs Federal Member for Cowper

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Media Release

FuelWatch credibility drained by

As world oil prices soar to record highs, fuel prices posted today on cast further doubt on the effectiveness of FuelWatch.

Shadow Minister for Business Development, Independent Contractors and Consumer Affairs, Luke Hartsuyker, said the figures posted on the website show that the following prices for the major capital cities are:

Sydney: Lowest 135.7 Average. 140.8 Highest 155.9 Melbourne: Lowest 137.9 Average 140.7 Highest 155.9 Brisbane: Lowest 125.5 Average 132.5 Highest 146.9 Adelaide: Lowest 138.9 Average 141.3 Highest 155.9 Perth: Lowest: 138.4 Average 145.4 Highest 154.9

“It is clear that the ‘Perth low’ is three cents per litre higher than Sydney or Melbourne and the average is almost five cents a litre higher,” Mr Hartsuyker said .

“What Mr Bowen needs to explain is why - contrary to his claims - the ‘Perth low’ is so much higher today than the price in Sydney and Melbourne.

“He also needs to explain why the Perth average is costing motorists there five cents a litre more.

“With figures such as these, it is clear why Kevin Rudd has failed to guarantee that no motorists will be worse off under FuelWatch.

“I have contacted Petrol Commissioner Patrick Walker - the architect of the FuelWatch scheme in Western Australia - and asked him to explain why motorists in Perth are paying more than motorists in Sydney, particularly in light of his claims that FuelWatch can save motorists up to five cents a litre.

“Isn’t FuelWatch meant to deliver cheaper fuel for motorists?”