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Call for comment on draft employment services tender.

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Media Release


Minister for Employment Services

The Hon Tony Abbott MP


16 April 1999





Minister for Employment Services, Tony Abbott MP today released an exposure draft of the second Job Networ k Request for Tender. The next tender round will begin on February 28 next year. The draft is the product of extensive consultations with Job Network members, potential employment services tenderers and community groups.


“The next tender round is a chance to build on the strengths of the existing system. It involves incremental and evolutionary adjustments rather than architectural change. Why make big changes to a system which is now performing well?” Mr Abbott said.


The exposure draft proposes:


·  managed competition” for Intensive Assistance with a minimum “floor price”;

·  a $250 bonus for Job Network members where Job Search Training participants stay in a job for at least 13 weeks;

·  specialist Intensive Assistance providers for job seekers with a disability, Indigenous job seekers and young people;

·  greater accountability for Intensive Assistance spending; and

·  fee-for-service arrangements where competitive tendering fails to produce a viable market.


“In response to very strong representations from the National Employment Services Association, the Government is no longer proposing to introduce full price competition for Intensive Assistance” Mr Abbott said. “Competition should ensure good value for taxpayers while the floor price should ensure delivery of quality services.”


“The Government does not propose to tell Job Network members how to spend their Intensive Assistance funding. However, we expect tenderers to tell us what they will do for job seekers and will periodically review Job Network members’ performance” Mr Abbott said.


The Government has released the Exposure Draft Request for Tender now to provide prospective tenderers with further opportunities to help shape the future of the Job Network. “I welcome comment from Job Network members and other interested groups,” Mr Abbott said.


A copy of the Exposure Draft Request for Tender 1999 can be obtained from the Job Network internet site at


The Employment Services Request for Tender 1999 will be released in mid-June 1999. The closing date for tenders will be 30 July 1999. Successful tenderers will be announced in November.


For more information: Simone Holzapfel on 0417 656 668