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$400,000 literacy and numeracy projects for young Australians.

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19 February 2003 MIN 280/03

The Commonwealth Government will provide $400,000 to fund 10 new projects aimed at improving the literacy and numeracy skills of Australian children.

The projects will target educationally disadvantaged students across the country, particularly in the early and middle years of schooling.

The work will be funded under the second round of the Government’s Literacy and Numeracy Innovative Projects Initiative which enjoyed tremendous success in its first round, resulting in:

● increased literacy and numeracy skills for low progress students - particularly in the

areas of fluency, interest, self-confidence and engagement; ● increased local networking and discussion between teachers about teaching

practices; and ● increased community support from parents, students and schools to help students

with learning difficulties.

Today I visited Hastings Westpark Primary School with my colleague Mr Greg Hunt MP, Member for Flinders, to see one of the projects.

The Hastings Westpark Primary School project focuses on the development of a literacy and numeracy strategy to help give young children in the Hastings region a head start with their schooling.

Project manager Professor Marilyn Fleer and her team from Monash University’s Education Faculty, will work in close consultation with the community and up to 800 pre-schoolers.

The team will build profiles on the literacy and numeracy requirements of local children, find new and improved ways to meet their requirements and ultimately help them reach their full potential.

The new projects highlight the Howard Government’s commitment to using innovative approaches to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of all young Australians.

Literacy and Numeracy are key competencies for all students. These projects will help school children find and achieve their potential.

The attachment provides details of the 10 successful projects - most of which will run over the next 18 months.

For further information:

Dr Nelson’s Office:

Yaron Finkelstein

0414 927 663

Dept of Education, Science & Training Monique Crook 0407 738 087


Organisation Project Location Project Description Project



Schools and Groups Involved Project


Murdoch University

Centre for Learning, Change and Development

WA This innovative

project will focus on the development of meaningful and effective early childhood literacy practices within a kindergarten setting. It will involve working with the kindergarten and the children’s families using a range of strategies to help understand and enhance the children’s literacy development.

$40,000 All Saints College

Bull Creek

Western Australia

Dr Susan McKenzie

(Project Manager) School of Education, Murdoch University

08 9360 2527

Murdoch University

Centre for Learning Change and Development

WA This innovative

project will focus on the students of Waikiki Primary School to develop and improve their numeracy achievement. This will be done through an action-learning process which will involve both teachers and parents of the school. The project aims to raise the profile of numeracy by giving teachers and parents the opportunity to engage with numeracy in meaningful, realistic, everyday situations that reflect school, home and community life..

$40,000 Waikiki Primary School

Ms Jan Christie

(Project Manager)

Centre for Learning Change and Development


08 9360 6263

Monash University

Facility of Education

VIC This project seeks to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes of disadvantaged children in the Hastings Area in Victoria. It will focus on the development and implementation of an intervention program in the preschool years to promote early literacy and numeracy development and preparation for school.

$39,186 Hastings Westpark Primary School

Hastings Pre School

Hastings Kindergarten

Australian Early Childhood Association

Annie Sage Child Care

Hastings Child Care Centre

Hastings Community House


Professor Marilyn Fleer

(Project Manager)

Faculty of Education Monash University

03 9904 4235

Family Leisure Centre

Westpark Preschool Occasional Care

Westernport Child Care Centre Pty Ltd

University of Newcastle

Family Action Centre, School of Education

NSW The title of the project is Developing Boy’s Literacy Through Community Literacy. The objective of the proposed project is to use the literacy strengths and capacities of community members, particularly fathers, to enhance boy’s literacy. The initiative will work at the local level with priority public schools identified by the NSW Department of Education and Training in the Hunter region of NSW.

$40,000 Schools in the Hunter Region in NSW

Ms Deborah Hartman

(Project Manager),

Family Action Centre

University of Newcastle

02 4921 6749

Deakin University

Consultancy and

Development Unit

VIC The title of this

project is Scaffolding Literacy in the Middle Years of Schooling. This innovative project aims to identify and improve the literacy outcomes of educationally disadvantaged students to achieve acceptable literacy standards. It will involve the teachers and selected students in Years 6 and 7 in schools within the Epping cluster to develop their skills

$40,000 Epping Secondary College

Epping Primary School

Meadowglen Primary School

Greenbrook Primary School

Ms Carol Oakley

(Project Manager)

Consultancy and Development Unit

Deakin University

03 9328 3908

using scaffolding literacy methods. .

University of Melbourne

Dept of Learning and Educational Development

VIC The title of the project is Literacy Intervention: Extending the Evidence Base for Determining Effective Options. The objective of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of three intervention options for students in Year 2 in the Archdiocese of Melbourne who have been identified as at-risk of experiencing ongoing reading difficulties.

$39,405 Five schools8585

85 from across the Melbourne Metropolitan area

Dr John Munro

(Project Manager)

Exceptional Learning and Gifted Education Centre

University of Melbourne

03 8344 0953

Queensland University of Technology

Centre for Mathematics and Science Education

QLD The objective of this project is to train Indigenous teacher-aides and parents to support the mathematics learning of educationally-disadvantaged Indigenous students in junior secondary school.

$39,298 Wadja Wadja High School

in the Woorabinda Aboriginal Community

The Association of Independent Schools Queensland (AISQ)

Dr Annette Baturo & Professor Tom Cooper

(Project Managers)

Centre for Mathematics and Science Education

Queensland University of Technology

07 3864 3331

Northern Territory University

School of Education

NT The title of this

project is Discontinuities in Literacy and Numeracy Practices between Indigenous Community Schooling and Urban High Schools. This innovative project aims to document the literacy and numeracy practices of Indigenous students within their

$36,326 A remote Community School

Kormilda College

Ms Jennifer Rennie

(Project Manager)

School of Education

Northern Territory University

08 8946 6154

communities and their transition experiences from Year 7 in their community school to Year 8 in their urban high schools.

Worklinks Group


QLD The title of the project is the Worklinks WIN Programme: Worklinks Industry-Focussed Numeracy Project. The project aims to provide practical and innovative experience for secondary students which incorporate basic numeracy concepts relevant to the world of work in a range of industry areas.

$40,000 Earnshaw State College

Everton Park State High School

Mitchelton State High School

The Gap State High School

Mt Maria College

St John Fisher College

Ms Jan Robinson

Project Manager)

Worklinks Group


07 33543946

Centre for Adolescent Health

Royal Children’s Hospital

(multipartner consortium)

VIC The title of the project is Mouse Driven Literacy- Literacy On-Line for Year 9 & 10 Marginalised People and is a pilot study supporting literacy in communities. The project focuses on the provision of a developmentally appropriate on-line literacy program for these young people who have become disengaged from school. The project aims to build literacy and re-engage students with learning.

$40,000 Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute

Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre

Jesuit Social Service Gateway Programme

Ms Sandy Cahir

(Project Officer)

Centre for Adolescent Health

03 9345 7924