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International day of Action on climate change.

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Media release

Christine Milne Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

International day of Action on Climate Change Senator Milne 3rd December 2005

Message from Montreal Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne

Congratulations for turning out today to Walk Against Warming. You are being joined by thousands of people from right around the world, from Romania, the UK, France, Italy, the United States and Canada to name a few, as people everywhere stand up for the climate. Ten thousand people have arrived here for the talks and I will take your voices raised today right into the heart of the meetings here in Montreal.

There are moments in the history of the world that really matter; moments that set in train events from which there can be no going back, moments that determine the future of life on Earth as we know it and the first meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol here in Montreal is one such moment.

Climate Change is the greatest threat to global security facing us all. The world's climate is already changing with permafrost melting, wild storms and hurricanes ravaging our coasts, sea levels rising, droughts and fires intensifying, the ice caps retreating and people having to leave their homes as environmental refugees.

Our children and grandchildren can expect to grow up in a world without polar bears, or pygmy possums unless drastic action is taken now.

In Montreal people are speculating about what role Australia will play. Australia and the United States of America must not be allowed to frustrate or stall global action on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Send a strong message to Prime Minister Howard that the people of Australia want to be responsible global citizens; We want to take radical action to save the world's climate; We want to ratify the Kyoto Protocol; We want to commit to strong reduction targets for the 2013- 2017 period; We want huge investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency;

Tell Prime Minister Howard that we think climate change is so serious that we do not want to put off until tomorrow what we can do today;

Say 'Yes' to Renewables and 'No' to Nuclear Now!

Tell the Prime Minister that we are ashamed of Australia's current role as a spoiler and that we will not tolerate Australia playing the Deputy Sheriff role to George Bush in Montreal.

Contact: Katrina Willis 0437 587 562