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Not one cent more.

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Media Release

The Hon Peter McGauran, MP

Minister for the Arts and the Centenary of Federation



Not one cent more



Any talk of a further referendum on a republic is regarded as a complete waste of money by country people.


The spending of another $15 0 million after the Australian people have made their view perfectly clear would be utterly wasteful.


Calls by Mr Beazley and others for another referendum in the near future reveal an arrogant rejection of the democratic vote of the Australian people.


No one should be under any illusions. Australians knew perfectly well what they were voting for and did not want to change a system they believed was the best on offer.


It’s ludicrous to call for a new referendum on the basis that Australia will automatically become a republic if only a different model is proposed.


To country people NO means NO and $150 million would be better spent addressing priorities in regional Australia rather than another referendum.



Media contact:   Jane Henschke 0417 421 599

7 November 1999





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