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Grants to help communities tackle violent extremism

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Hon. Robert McClelland MP Attorney-General

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Monday, 4 July 2011


Attorney-General Robert McClelland today announced over $1.7 million for a range of community driven projects aimed at building resilience to violent extremism.

A total of 22 grants have been awarded under the Building Community Resilience Grants Program, which is part of the Gillard Government’s $9.7 million investment in counter-radicalisation initiatives.

“Communities have demonstrated a strong commitment to tackling radicalisation at the grassroots,” Mr McClelland said.

“They have told us they want to work with communities to work to resist the attraction of extremist influences - the Government is committed to supporting their efforts.

“The Program focuses on initiatives that take direct action against extremism while at the same time recognising that there are a variety of factors and influences that can lead to radicalisation.

“Successful applicants range from footy clubs in Melbourne who use sport to engage marginalise youth, mentoring programs in Western Sydney, or an education program in Perth that will teach schoolchildren about senselessness of extremism through the tragedy of the Bali bombings.”

From a total of 88 applications, grants have been awarded to the following organisations:

 Auburn Community Development Network  Australian Somali Community Association Inc (ASCA)

 Bali Peace Park Association

 Burwood Council  Centre For Multicultural


 City of Darebin

 Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA)

 Football United  Footscray Football Club

 Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations  Horn of Africa Development Agency (HARDA)

 InterAction Multifaith Youth Network

 Islamic Council of Queensland  Islamic Council of Victoria  La Trobe University  Lebanese Moslem Association  North Melbourne Football Club  Pace e Bene Australia

 University of Melbourne  Victorian Arabic Social Services  The Youth Centre

 Youth Development Australia

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These successful projects are designed to support a wide variety of activities, including:

 Intercultural and interfaith education in schools;  Peer support and team building activities for at risk individuals;  Development of common curriculum frameworks;  Sports activities that promote understanding and inclusion;  Teacher education;  Skills and leadership training to improve social and economic opportunities; and  Online resources and activities to connect with international scholars.

These local initiatives will receive grants from $5,000 to $20,000 and from $20,000 to $100,000 aimed at:

 Giving communities the skills and resources to understand and actively address intolerant or extremist messages and discourage violent extremism;  Supporting people who may be vulnerable to extremist views due to personal experiences of disengagement and marginalisation; and  Educating groups and individuals about the avenues available to participate positively in the


“A comprehensive counter-terrorism response needs to include broader strategies to lessen the appeal of extremist ideologies that fuel terrorism in the first place,” Mr McClelland said.

“Intelligence and feedback from the community form a key part of the evidence base that drives Australia’s Countering Violent Extremism program.

“We want to give people the knowledge and skills to challenge violent extremism, whenever and wherever these ideologies are advocated - whether online, in schools, in the media or among peers.

“These programs, in partnership with local communities, will focus on activities that support individuals away from intolerant and radical ideologies and encourage positive participation in the community.”

The program follows the recent implementation of successful Youth Mentoring Grants, which support mentoring projects for young people who may be vulnerable to violent extremism.

More information about successful projects is available in the attached fact sheet.

Information on the Building Community Resilience Grants Program is available at

Contact: Ryan Liddell - 02 6277 7300 or 0427 225 763

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Auburn Community Development Network Inc (ACDN) — Dream Big Project - Auburn, NSW The proposed project is a mentoring and skills development program that will give young people real life experience of creating, operating and managing a shared business venture. Participants will be mentored to develop skills and confidence in the various aspects of business such as marketing and sales, finance, human resources, management, product design and development, research and development and administration. Working in a team environment, a group of young people will also have the opportunity to explore the various cultures, religious beliefs and non-religious practices and beliefs that exist in the diverse communities that make up the area.

Australian Somali Community Association — Somali Community Resilience Project (SOCOR) - Auburn NSW The SOCOR project will address the growing level of disengagement by young people in the Somali community by strengthening their resilience to radicalization. The project will develop support and cultural community programs such as forums, mentoring programs and a conference to help young people in the Somali community to connect and engage with their local community. At the conclusion of the project the ASCA along with other project partners will develop an on-going and sustainable community development program, using ASCA’s volunteer resources.

Bali Peace Park Association Incorporated — Beyond Bali Education Kit - Perth, WA The project will develop and produce an education resource for secondary school students (years 8/9) on the Bali bombings and the Bali Peace Park in Perth. The resource is designed to build resilience to violent extremism by discussing issues like the social impacts of violent extremism and encouraging students to think about how societies can resist the influence of violent extremism.

Burwood Council — Different People Different Voices Project (DPDVP) - Burwood, NSW DPDVP is a youth (12 - 24yrs) community project aimed at building resilience to cultural isolation and increasing community belonging. The project focuses on peer-to-peer development, community engagement and leadership to create awareness of risk factors that may lead to violent extremism and develop localised protective factors at an early stage for young people experiencing disengagement and marginalisation.

Centre for Multicultural Youth — Unite 4 Justice - Brimbank, VIC The Unite 4 Justice program aims to support young people from diverse cultural backgrounds to develop practical strategies for promoting the values of shared freedoms, tolerance and a commitment to democratic values and principles. The project will work with 30 young people from 5 - 6 secondary schools and their communities to develop leadership skills, facilitate dialogue, and with the support of mentors, deliver youth led projects that promote respect and build community resilience.

City of Darebin — Salam Alaykum “Darebin’s Muslims Reaching Out” - Darebin, VIC The program will build community connections and engagement between Darebin’s Muslim community and the broader Darebin community, and will build the Omar bin Al -Kattab Mosque’s capacity to manage community relations to develop and implement strategies that prevent the development of extremist views that can threaten community cohesion. The project will involve youth from the Muslim community to run team building activities with a focus on encouraging them to be more trusting of one another and encourage a positive connection with the wider community.

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Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) — Teaching Democracy - political extremism, global lessons for local educators - Canberra-based, ACT The project is designed to run a two-day workshop for school teachers working in Australian schools which explores the idea of extreme political action including radicalism and extremism. The workshop will provide training and information for teachers to influence the positive development of young people’s political consciousness and further their constructive participation in the society. Following the workshops, FECCA will use the outcomes to develop teaching support resources which have capability to be distributed widely to schools.

Football United - School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales & Fairfield Liverpool Youth Exchange - Fairfield, NSW The project will deliver weekly football coaching programs and Gala Days for younger children representative of their community. Regular football offers youth the chance to build camaraderie and learn from peer mentors in a safe, active environment. As coaching sessions are the fulcrum of Football United activity, participants get to connect, exchange and learn on-field fair play values that are intended to be replicated in life off the field. As motivation, youth are required to attend, engage and behave in school in order to engage and grow in Football United programs. The project will work to establish effective resilience and leadership building workshops, group mentoring programs (by Football United community coaches), and provide media and social networking education to project participants.

Footscray Football Club Ltd (Spirit West Services) — More than a Game - Footscray, VIC Spirit West Services will work together with young men (15 to 25 years) to support people who may be vulnerable to extremist views due to personal experiences of disengagement and marginalisation. The project will use sport, to engage with the young men to address issues of harmony, cultural identity and social cohesion to provide an avenue for the non-violent expression of views and encourage participation in the local community. Through group training and individual mentoring, the project will focus on empowering young people to improve their decision making capabilities and equip them with skills and resources to understand and actively address intolerant or extremist messages.

Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations Inc. (FAIR) —Southern Crescent On-line Peace Initiative - Auburn, NSW The project will create an interactive website/portal geared for youth. The portal will include live chat sessions and commonly asked questions answered by international Islamic scholars to promote and educate youth about the positive and moderate calling of Islam and expand on various meanings and interpretations. As part of the project a short video documentary (15 minutes) will explore intercultural or interfaith issues and will focus on three themes; initiating peace, building cohesion, and working towards action.

HARDA- Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia Inc. — Somali Youth Outreach Project - Lakemba & Auburn, NSW The project will develop workshops for at ‘risk’ Somali and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) youth between the ages of 16-24. It will enable participants to identify difficulties and issues their peers are facing and encourage them to seek appropriate help. It will also increase understanding amongst young Somalis and CALD youth of violent extremism and the negative impacts of extremist views and actions on society and individuals. Participants will also attend a leadership youth camp to share experiences on how to positively participate and become a responsible citizen in the wider community.

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InterAction Multifaith Youth Network Inc — iAct Interfaith Youth Leadership Program - Melbourne, VIC The 'iAct' interfaith youth leadership program will bring together young people from diverse faith backgrounds to build bridges of understanding & co-operation, to break down stereotypes and work together on community-service projects. Through this process the participants explore their own religious identities, learn about others and gain knowledge & skills in mobilising their faith communities.

Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) — Empowering Youth to Say No to Radicalisation - Brisbane, QLD The ICQ program, Target Jihad, will aim to develop counter narrative messages to challenge Islamic militancy propaganda through the use of guest speakers and workshops involving academics, Queensland Police and Imams. With established networks within congregations, these entities will encourage youth who have a fear and mistrust of authority to positively participate in the Australian way of life encompassing the values of freedom, fair play, mateship and tolerance.

Islamic Council of Victoria — Audio/Film Production for Youth Engagement and Training - Melbourne, VIC The Audio and Film Production program will provide an opportunity for Muslim youth to engage in learning how to use sound design, sound editing and audio mixing in the process of creating soundtracks and movies. This project is designed to assist disadvantaged Muslim youth to develop effective techniques, including assistance in crafting positive messages which will have long lasting effects. The project will encourage young people to participate in creative development projects that will enable them to express their views in a creative and positive form.

La Trobe University — Young Muslim Leadership Development: A program in Social Dialogue and Community Resilience - Melbourne, VIC The project will develop a training program, resources and a network for young people to help create an environment, in which young Australian Muslims are aided and empowered to play socially constructive leadership roles in their respective communities. The three linked components will also help empowered individuals gain greater prominence in the wider Australian community, and in an emerging international dialogue-centred network of Muslim intellectuals.

Lebanese Moslem Association — Sharing Humanity - Lakemba, NSW The project will seek to develop Young Muslim Leadership (10 males and 10 females) to enable young people to develop the skills and build the confidence necessary to influence members of their peer group and the community at large. The project will work to build understanding and equip Muslims with the theological fundamentals that counter extremist ideologies, dispel misconceptions and develop their role as citizens, leaders and positive role models so that they can become “leaders” for mainstream Islam and assert their Australian identity.

North Melbourne Football Club — CONNECT @ The Huddle - North Melbourne, VIC CONNECT @ The Huddle will target 15-25 year olds to connect young people with learning, recreation, and employment opportunities. The project will support young people to develop their own arguments and messages to challenge and contest extremist ideologies through ongoing dialogue. Community leaders, role models, peers, academics, and elite professional sports people will be involved in elaborating and delivering messages through the CONNECT program to enhance individual identity and a sense of community belonging, reduce social isolation and create resilient leaders among young people to be better equipped to contest extremist messages and violent radicalism.

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Pace e Bene Australia Inc. — Building Community Capacity in Nonviolent Leadership: An interfaith program for Young People - Melbourne, VIC Pace e Bene Australia will design and deliver a national interfaith/intercultural youth development program in Melbourne to skill future leaders to provide alternatives to violence in their communities through inclusion and tolerance. The project will focus on collaboration with a variety of universities, theological colleges, multi-faith networks and cultural groups to invite 20 young leaders showing potential for active leadership in their communities to engage in an 8-day program with 2 residential retreats in early 2012.

University of Melbourne — Development of a common curriculum Framework in Islamic Studies for Islamic Schools (NCEIS) - Melbourne, VIC In collaboration with the leadership and teachers of selected Islamic schools and Muslim peak bodies, the NCEIS will design and develop a Common Curriculum Framework (CFF) for teaching Islamic Studies in Australian Islamic primary and secondary schools. The CCF will help to create discerning students, who are able to differentiate mainstream, traditional Islam from violent extremism. Subjects, such as the Qur’an and Islamic History, will be presented with adherence to traditional principles. Acknowledging Australia’s multicultural context, the CCF will also include a range of new topics which address issues relevant to Muslims in Australia, such as: Islam and the modern state, Islam and women, and Islam and other faiths.

Victorian Arabic Social Services — Curbing Radicalisation through Youth Resilience and Community Partnerships - City of Hume, VIC The project will develop and facilitate a series of workshops and activities aimed at building resilience by providing avenue for positive expression and mutual understanding of diversity. Activities for Arabic speaking youth living in the municipality of Hume, Moreland and Hobson’s Bay will engage young people by providing them with opportunities to express themselves such as making a computer game, creating a short film, media training and utilising media outlets such as youth radio and television.

The Youth Centre — Building resilience to violent extremism in the Canterbury-Bankstown region: a focus on our youth (The Youth Centre) - Canterbury-Bankstown, NSW The project will focus on youth in the Canterbury-Bankstown region aged between 13 and 25 who have been exposed to some form of violent extremism, are at risk of being exposed to or may be sympathetic to or already influenced by extremist messages and ideologies in the community. It will develop programs that challenge extremist messages and ideologies, including those perpetuated online, and provide avenues for the non-violent expression of views and encourage participation in our democratic society.

Youth Development Australia Ltd — inSite Projects - Brunswick, VIC The project will bring together four groups of 8-10 young people, from marginalised and disadvantaged culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and encourage them to work together to produce multimedia works centred around the ideas of tolerance, understanding, community and culturally sharing. Through the semester long project, young people will be mentored by multimedia practitioners, who will facilitate intensive workshops, giving young people the skills they need to create their multimedia pieces. Participants will be offered training in presentation skills and will be made available to schools and community groups to talk about their involvement and present their documentary.