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Scientific co-operation with the USA

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SCI TTI IC CO.OP ;i 'TIO N 'b iTH T}L U : S. A.

(Joint statement by the I.Linister for Supply, senator Ken Jnderson,

and the Kinister for Education and >>cience, Lir. Kalcolr^i Fraser)

In a joint statement in Canberra today (July 28) the Minister

for Supply, Senator Ken linderson, and the i:dnister for education and Science, Lalcolm 'riser, announced a forthcoming co-operative prorc.n which will

take place in the United States cormiencing in lug ust between scientists of

the Australian Department of Supply and the U.S. avironraental Science

Services Administration.

The program will use American facilities for calibrating

i stralian-designed equipment for recording the structure of the lower

atmosphere and has been accepted under the recently-negotiated ustralia`U.S.

Agreement for Scientific and Technical Co-operation.

Kr. Fraser said he was pleased Australian scientists were

availing themselves of the new agreement to work closer with their !American


The Department of Supply project was typical of the sort of

project that was envisaged as coming under the agreement, and he was sure

there were possibilities for similar co-operation in other fields which

would be of mutual benefit to both Australia and America.

Senator Anderson said that a technique Iiown as acoustic

sounding had been applied by scientists of his department's 'eapons

Research establishment ( i 1+ ) in work which required the structure of the

atmosphere to be known.

A beam of sound waves was di re cted from the ;;round into the

atmosphere and a record made of the sound reflected back.



Irregularities in this record, due to the velocity of sound being

chaned by small temperature differences in the air, allowed an accurate

picture of the atmosphere's structure to be deduced.

It acted like a breather radar but used sound instead of radio waves.

Australian progress in acoustic sounding had attracted worldwide

scientific attention, said the l'anister, because of its ;;neat potential for

giving a continuous picture of atmospheric structure with simple ground-based


It would be used as a research tool and in many iractical

applications such as the study of air pollution and detection of low-level

turbulence in aircraft landing paths.

The technique had already been proved with meteorological

facilities available in Australia.

The experiments to be made in the U.S. presented an opportunity to

use the more extensive facilities and sophisticated instrumentation of the

: SSA Research Laboratories in Colorado.

In these experiments Australian equipment woudl be operated alongside

the American equipment and so would be calibrated in an environment being

measured continuously with high accuracy.

The reliability of the technique would be explored and its scope

greatly extended.

The Australian iireau of lJieteorology was very interested in the work

and had collaborated ' ith his iuepartment in the experiments, said Senator


One of the Bureau's meteorologists would join the Sri1i scientists

during the experiments which were expected to be completed in two months.




Editorial Note:

The Environmental ucience Services Administration (SSA) is an

authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce and operates the \+eather

Bureau, iivironrnental Data Service, Institutes for Lnviroim:ental Research,

the i`,ational Environmental Satellite Center and the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

i: r. L.G. iacialister (Principal 2esearc i :scientist) and :ir.

hr. J.R. Pollard (Experimental Officer, Class III), of the Weapons Research

Establishment, will leave for the U.S. on July 29. They will be joined later by

by ir. P.J.R. Shaw (::eteorologist Class III), of the Bureau of hi teorology.

CMTBERRA, July 28, 1969.