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Please explain Senator Fielding

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Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Shadow Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations

Liberal Senator for Tasmania

21st June 2011

Please Explain Senator Fielding “Family First Senator Steve Fielding owes his Party and the Australian people an explanation following his startling decision today not to back the Coalition’s Bill to give Australians a voice on Labor’s Carbon Tax,” Senator Abetz said today.

“At every turn Senator Fielding has barked his opposition to the Carbon Tax yet today, just two days before he is due to exit this Parliament, he leaves it with his tail between his legs.”

“It is of some concern that Senator Fielding is now using the same language as that used by Labor in labelling the Coalition’s proposed bill for a plebiscite ‘a stunt’.”

“All this from a Senator who has turned the word stunt into an art form, having once entered Parliament dressed as a bottle.” (1)

“One minute Senator Fielding accuses Labor of wanting to introduce a tax “that will devastate industries across the entire economy and lead to thousands of hard working Australians losing their jobs and being sent to the dole queue” (2) and “There is no way we should be selling out the nation’s economy before the big emitters move because it will simply boot jobs offshore” (3).

“The next minute Senator Fielding wants to slam down the shutters and silence the voice of the Australian people,” Senator Abetz said.

“Senator Fielding, the Greens and Labor are attempting to gag the Australian people and in doing so strike a dagger into the very heart of our Democracy.”

“Julia Gillard lied to the Australian people when she said “there would be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead”. Senator Fielding’s complicity in this lie, by failing to hold Labor to account, will devastate his supporters and his Party.”

“His recent inexplicable sell out on Wild Rivers, voting against the rights of indigenous self-determination and now on the Carbon Tax, in breach of his previous views, will be his unflattering Senatorial epitaph,” Senator Abetz said.


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