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Gillard Government must scrap taxi tax

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Ian Macfarlane 

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources  Member for Groom 

Media Release

14 June 2011


The Gillard Government has one last chance to scrap its latest tax on cost of living expenses which will force up taxi fares and household fuel bills, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Ian Macfarlane said.

“The Gillard Government should listen to what householders and small businesses are telling it and scrap its ‘taxi tax’, which will slug LPG with an extra 12.5 cent a litre excise and drive up the price of compressed natural gas (CNG),” Mr Macfarlane said.

“The Gillard Government has been warned in the clearest terms that this latest tax grab will force up taxi fares and punish Australian families who have made a switch to the cleaner fuel under a conversion scheme that the Labor Government has supported for more than three years.

“The new tax will also force a hike in public transport fees, given many buses in Australian capital cities now run on CNG.

“The Coalition has already made it clear that we are opposed to this bill. It is another blow to household energy budgets which are already under stress and will face yet more pressure because of the Gillard Government’s carbon tax.

“The Gillard Government’s alternative fuels legislation is a direct blow to cost of living pressures for Australian families and businesses. It is also counterproductive because these alternative fuels produce fewer emissions than traditional fuels.

“The Government should take its latest tax grab off the agenda. But if it persists with this tax, the Prime Minister must front up to the Australian people and explain why she is forcing them to pay more for taxi fares and to run the family car, simply because the Labor Party has notched up billions of dollars in debt.”