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Australian reception of Apollo 10 telecasts

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(Statement by the Minister for Supply, Senator Ken Anderson)

Any Apollo 10 telecast, received at Honeysuckle Creek will be

made available to Australian T.V. stations for live transmission or

to be recorded for later showing.

The Minister for Su iy, Senator Ken Anderson., said this in

Canberra today (I`- ay22) .

Senator Anderson said "Today, while in lunar orbit, Apollo 10

started transmitting from its T.V. colour camera at 11.35 a.m. (bust.

E.S.T.) and finished at 12 noon,

"Honeysuckle Creek acquired the spacecraft at 12.08 p.m. which unfortunately was just too late to receive the T.V. signala. The

station did receive telemetry data.

"Tomorrow the position looks more promising, when the Apollo

astronauts are scheduled to transmit two further colour telecasts in the periods 12.19-1.49 n . m. and 2.54-ยป.-1.

"Honeysuckle is not expected -co be _able to r eceive the first

half hour of the first transmission, as the spacecraft will then be

below the station's horizon.

"However, the station should be able to acquire the remainder

of the first and the whole of the second transmission, rovidcd there is no change in the scheduled transmission times and provided the Houston Mission Control Centre does not give Honeysuckle Creek other

tasks to perform.

"I understand that Australian T.V. stations are proceeding with

plans for a live, diredt transmission of the Apollo 10 telecast

scheduled for 5.33-8.48 -.m. on Saturday, May 24.

"Additionally, Honeysuckle may receive another transmission

from 9.09-9.54 p.m. on Monday, May 26, about four hours. before the s-oace craft is due to re-enter the earth's atmosphere.

"As I mentioned last Saturday, apart from the telecast on

Saturday night all other transmissions to Honeysuckle Creel involve

the use of a special colour camera, and therefore the quality of the reception in Australia may not permit a black-and-white image of an

accaptable standard."

CANBERRA. May 22, 1969 .