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Australian defence contracts worth nearly $1m a day

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11o. 28

P01?. PR SS 446

AUs ru I'i T DiB UB CO 1 1L S J0JE i fi RLY x111. A DAY

(Statement by the Iinister for Supply, Senator Ken .inderson)

Defence contracts, awarded by the Department of Supply to

Australian mauuf.cturers, for some time have totalled a figure approaching

i1m. a workin;; day, the i. mister for Supply, Senator Ken inderson, said

in Sydney today (June 17).

jive lare co._tracts, with a total value of about a2.7m., were

awarded recently to:

• Racal Llectronics Pty. Ltd . (17S a ), for 265 sets of high-

frequency col.munication receivers for the i yavy, plus ,ti

ancillary equipment, worth •.J 1, 541, 430. To zleet ii n iedia to

requirements, the first 40 sets will be supplied from Britain;

subsequent local production ;-rill involve 76;, Australian


• Dunlop Australia Ltd., Clarks Shoes last. Ltd. (both Vic.)

and Vulseal Po.^twear I^ty. Ltd. (NS' ), for the supply of

47,240 pairs of _ i, y boots a ad 1,020 pairs of 1 ^1I ' boots,

with a combined value of :i643,350.

. Bendix Corporation Lust. Pty. Ltd. (NSW), for the supply of

90 field radio test sets for the limy (20 prototypes and

70 production units), valued at Q543,039.

The Department of Supply's l.eapons Research Lstablish ment

undertook a design study and produced pilot models for these test sets.

SYDN Y, June 17. 1969.