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Ford Australia announcement

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14 Apr 2011

The Government is very concerned at any job losses in manufacturing, and especially concerned at job losses in Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry.

Unfortunately, commercial decisions have meant that Ford needs to re-balance its operations to meet the demands of the market.

Ford is, in part, doing this through the voluntary redundancies it is currently offering its workers.

I understand that 240 jobs will be lost. Ford, however, will look to redeploy staff wherever possible.

All affected workers will receive their full entitlements.

Also, workers will be able to take advantage of the labour adjustment component of the Government’s Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Program, which can help fast track them back into the workforce and assist with retraining and other

support and assistance.

While the past few months have been very difficult for Ford, there are promising signs for the company over the coming months with some exciting new products coming on stream.

Next month, it will launch an all new Territory model, including for the first time a diesel version of that vehicle.

In a few months time, Ford will launch a new LPG model - the LPI or Liquid Phase Injection Falcon.

This will be a first for the Australian automotive industry and will provide highly advanced LPG technology which rivals the performance of petrol engines but using a cheaper and cleaner fuel.

We will continue to work closely with Ford, its workers and their unions to move quickly through this period of adjustment as we have with other companies in the automotive industry.